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Interior Design Services

business-business-1238318-1279x965Your home is as unique as you are, and we take great care to highlight and preserve your individual personality and style. During the one-hour initial meeting we start a conversation to determine your ultimate vision. Contact us today! 

Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. is here to help your home be all it can be. No job is too small or too large. We work with the most professional painters, drapery workroom seamstresses, upholsterers, faux artists, carpenters, tile setters, wood floor mechanics and cabinet makers to make your home a show place or a comfortable get-away. We are here to make your dreams come true.

annaloro3Room Redesign

Rearranging and reusing your furnishings can transform a room. At Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. we have an eye for detail and can see a tired room with a fresh perspective. Be energized by the new flow and let your friends think you bought all new furniture!

annaloro5Cabinetry – stock, custom, built-ins

Versatile, useful, full of character – cabinets are not only necessary for storage, they can transform rooms. Stock, custom and built-in cabinets can turn a second bedroom into an in-home library, or revive a tired kitchen.
Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. first grasps the clients needs and then recommends the right implementation for the job, offering drawing plans or carrying out a full cabinetry project.

annaloro11Art and Accessories

Art and accessories are the icing on the design cake but using inappropriate pieces or ones not to scale, can diminish or take away the look of the most stylish home. At Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. we can rearrange your art and accessories or supply original and local art through the Sarasota Art Gallery and also art from one of the largest art-publishing houses in the world. As a member of the Sarasota Art Gallery, we facilitate art rentals and purchases for our clients; being art savvy we advise on selecting beautiful pieces for your home.



The basis for a room is its floor, literally. The right flooring makes a remarkable difference to the overall success of a well-designed space. Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. chooses the best floor for a room based on style, with the consideration of other essentials such as using eco-friendly and energy efficient products when available.
There are many flooring options to consider, such as hardwood, carpet, cork or tile; we are glad to discuss the variety of selections and give knowledgeable advice.


Window Coverings

Windows are the framed canvases of a home and the coverings add artful personality. Shutters, shades, blinds and drapery categories are endless; from blinds in an array of materials to short or full-length drapes in an array of fabrics.



Even the best decorating plan can fall flat without the right lighting to carry the room from day into night. Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. will customize your lights: layering, illuminating to enhance or downplay architectural elements, spotlighting art pieces and creating a functional space with bright light and drama with dim light. We provide hands-on lighting placement, electricians if needed, or can simply advise on bulbs and lighting arrangement.



Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. will find you the right color – we make sure the color of the bed sheets go well with the comforter and the bedroom. Keep the following things in mind when choosing a color:

  • Lighter colored bed sheets will show stains easier than darker colored ones
  • Darker colored bed sheets will show fading from washing easier than lighter colored ones
  • If you choose a pattern, make sure you can buy the same pattern in the future if the bed sheets get damaged or need to be replaced


Upholstery and Furniture

There is no limit to what you can do with fabric and upholstery. Whether looking for new furniture or wanting to redefine dated pieces, upholstery gives you the benefit of choosing from a vast array of modern fabric styles and prints with durability and quality in mind. With extensive knowledge of fabrics and décor, Nancy Ebel Interior Design Inc. will define your furniture style that will result in stand-out pieces.


Rug Selection

Choosing a rug can completely change the look of any room. If you want to add character or simply hide the blemishes of your already existing floor, a rug just may be your answer. It can accent the décor of your room, highlight certain furniture or merely be used for practical purposes. Although deciding upon the right rug can seem like a huge dilemma, there are actually some easy tricks that may help you make your decision. Just keep in mind that you need to do a little planning and remember to have fun with it! Here are some ways to find just the right rug